The Hot Mess Express

Hello fellow chaos coordinators! My name is Tiffani, and I’m the designated captain of my very own hot mess express. The backseat drivers, who give me purpose and direction in life, are my two amazing and energetic children who are 5 and 7 years old. I curse like a sailor, am addicted to caffeine, have a gypsy soul, and get lost often.

After teaching elementary school for 7 years, I abandoned that ship to run wild chasing after what sets my soul on fire. When I’m not knocking on doors offering free solar energy consultations to homeowners, I tutor students one-on-one, and create digital products such as ebooks and online challenges as a certified life coach with certifications in NLP, Time Line Therapy, and Hypnotherapy.

I help people master their mindset to become wilderness warriors who are empowered to create a life where they thrive and not just survive.

Life has been a walk in the park… Jurassic Park. The cliff notes version of my life includes living in 21 different homes within six different states, attending 13 schools, getting married young, getting knocked up in college and then again during my first year of teaching, teaching for seven years, struggling with anxiety, depression, and ADHD, recovering from trauma, getting divorced right before a pandemic hit, and erasing extreme debt as a single mom through bankruptcy. Although we are avid desert dwellers currently living our best life in Las Vegas, I have also lived in Tennessee, California, Arizona, Texas, and Ohio. I love traveling and meeting new people wherever this journey of life takes me.

Whichever season you are currently planted in life, I hope my words can bring you feelings of comfort that you are not alone along with hope that this is not the end of your story. Let’s start your next chapter. It is possible to find strength to grow through and overcome even the harshest of conditions. Make sure to follow me on instagram @mommyinthemojave so I can follow you back and stalk you. By stalk, I mean learn about you and cheer for you along your journey of course…